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ANTONE DOLEZAL is an American photographer whose photographs have been exhibited internationally and are held in important public collections including the Museum of Modern Art Library, Museum of Contemporary Photography, New Mexico Museum of Art and the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. His work has been published with GEO, National Public Radio, Oxford American, Photo District News and he has written numerous articles on the topic of contemporary photography and the photobook for Ahorn, Album, Magazin für Fotografie,  Fototazo, Paper Journal and photo-eye Magazine. 

2015 Devil's Promenade [w/ collaborator Lara Shipley] Filter Space, Chicago, IL
2015 People of the Devil's Promenade [w/ collaborator Lara Shipley] Workspace Gallery, Lincoln, NE
2015 Devil's Promenade [w/ collaborator Lara Shipley] Artspace - Kansas City Art Institute,
          Kansas City, MO
2014 Devil's Promenade [w/ collaborator Lara Shipley] 555 Gallery, Boston, MA
2014 Devil's Promenade [w/ collaborator Lara Shipley] photo-eye Bookstore + Project Space,
          Santa Fe, NM
2013 Ghost Town [solo exhibition] Marion Center for the Photographic Arts, Santa Fe, NM
2017 Future Isms: presented by Humble Arts Foundation [curated by Jon Feinstein]
          Glassbox Gallery, Seattle, WA
2017 Of Memory, Bone & Myth
 [juried by Aline Smithson] University of North Dakota -
          Colonel Eugene Myers Gallery of Art, Grand Forks, ND
2017 MOPLA / Lucie Foundation Photobook Exhibition: Spook Light Chronicles, Venice Arts,
          Venice, CA 
2016 INFOCUS Exhibition of Self-Published Photobooks
: Spook Light Chronicles,
          Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix, AZ
2016 Chasing Tales [w/ Daniel W. Coburn, Antone Dolezal, Lara Shipley & Paul Thulin] Candela Gallery,
          Richmond, VA
2016 The Trouble With Flesh 
[curated by Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa], Light Work, Syracuse, NY
2016 The Apperceiving Mass, Syracuse University - Random Access Gallery, Syracuse, NY
2016 Paper Journal [invitational by Patricia Karallis], Webber Represents, London, United Kingdom
2015 Genius Loci [collaborative exhibition w/Antone Dolezal, Lara Shipley + Paul Thulin]
          University of New Orleans - St. Claude Gallery, New Orleans, LA
2015 Cielo, Perro Lobbo, Museo Nacional de Arqueología y Etnología, Guatemala City, Guatemala
2015 Known Unknowns [w/ Antone Dolezal, Hannah Greene, Lara Shipley & Paul Thulin] Colorado
          Photographic Arts Center, Denver, CO
2015 UnBound4!, Candela Gallery, Richmond, VA
2015 Athens Photo Festival [Photobook Show: Spook Light Chroncles] Benaki Museum,
          Athens, Greece
2015 Indie Photobook Library Exhibition: Spook Light Chronicles, Philadelphia Photo Arts Center,
          Philidelphia, PA
2014 Emerging Artists Auction, Daniel Cooney Fine Art, Brooklyn, NY
2014 Filter Photo Festival Photobook Exhibition [curated by Gregory Harris] Harrington College
          of Art + Design, Chicago, IL
2014 Mt. Rokko Zine + Photobook Exhibition: Spook Light Chronicles, Mt. Rokko International
          Photo Festival, Kobe Japan
2013 Autophotography, Axel Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM
2011 Unbound + Unframed, photo-eye Bookstore, Santa Fe, NM
2011 Fraction Magazine: 3 Years in the Making [invitational by David Bram] Rayko Photo Center
         San Francisco, CA
British Library, London, United Kingdom
Candela Books + Gallery Collection, Richmond, VA
Colorado Photographic Arts Center, Denver, CO
Franklin Furnace - Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY
Hellenic Center for Photography, Athens, Greece
Indie Photobook Library, Washington, DC
Marion Center for the Photographic Arts, Santa Fe, NM
Museum of Contemporary Photography - Midwest Photographers Project, Chicago, IL
Museum of Modern Art Library, New York, NY
Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, MO
New Mexico History Museum - Photographic Archives, Santa Fe, NM
New Mexico Museum of Art, Santa Fe, NM
University of Missouri - Special Collections, Kansas City, MO
A Place Both Wonderful and Strange. Fuego Books. 2017 (Forthcoming)
Annual Contemporary Photography Exhibition Catalogue. PPAC. 2016
Spook Light Chronicles - Limited Edition Box
Set. Search Party Press. 2015
From Here On. Aint Bad Editions. 2015
Spook Light Chronicles vol. 3 - we always lie to strangers. Search Party Press. 2014
The United States (2003-2013). Anthology of America Photography. Mossless. 2014
Spook Light Chronicles vol. 2 - the phosphorescent man. Search Party Press. 2014
Spook Light Chronicles vol. 1 - the road + the light. Search Party Press. 2014
Autophotography. Axl Contemporary. 2013
Gomma Grant, Shortlisted 2017 (United Kingdom)
Creative Opportunity Grant
, Syracuse University 2016
MACK First Book Award
, Nominee 2016
Anamorphosis Prize, Shortlisted (Jurors: Anouk Kruithof, Charlotte Cotton, John Phelan) 2015
Encontros da Imagem Photobook Open Call, Shortlisted 2015 (Portugal)
Visual + Performing Arts Graduate Fellowship, Syracuse University 2015/2016
photo-eye Magazine: Best Photobooks of the Year. (selected by Colin Pantall) 2014
Critical Mass. Finalist 2014 (United States)
Foam Paul Huf Award. Nominee 2014 (Netherlands)
2016 Candela Gallery, Richmond, VA
, Chicago, IL
2015 SPE National Conference, New Orleans, LA
2014 555 Gallery, Boston, MA
2014 photo-eye Books + Prints, Santa Fe, NM
2013 Midwest SPE 2013 Conference: re:search, Lincoln, NE
2013 Santa Fe University of Art + Design, Santa Fe, NM
Humble Arts Foundation. Digital Exhibition: FUTURE ISMS. 2016
Philadelphia Photographic Arts Center
. Digital Exhibition: Annual Comtemporary Photography Exhibition. 2016
. Spotlight Feature on Devils Promenade. 2015
Juxtapose Magazine. Online. Featured photographs from Devil's Promenade. 2015
Daily Yonder. Interview with Antone Dolezal. By Dale Mackey. 2015
Detroit Center for Contemorary Photography. New Directions: Online exhibition of Devil's Promenade. 2015
photo-eye Blog. Review of Spook Light Chronicles. By Colin Pantall. 2015
Oxford American. Featured photographs from Devil's Promenade. 2014
Aint Bad Magazine. Online. Featured photographs from Devil's Promenade. 2014
On a White Wall. Review of Spook Light Chronicles. By Lex Thompson. 2014
Pasa Tiempo. Interview w/ Antone Dolezal + Lara Shipley. By Jennifer Levin. 2014
photo-eye Blog. Interview w/ Antone Dolezal + Lara Shipley. By Melanie McWhorter. 2014
National Public Radio. On the Devil's Promenade, Searching for the Spook Light. By Claire O'Neill. 
Gup Magazine. Online. Featured photographs from Devil's Promenade. 2013
Dirty Laundry Magazine. Featured photographs + original story for Devil's Promenade. 2013
Lenscratch. Featured photographs from Devil's Promenade. By Aline Smithson. 2013
Feature Shoot. Devil's Promenade. By Jenna Garrett. 2013
Fototazo. Project Release: Devil's Promenade. By Tom Griggs. 2013
Paper Journal. Review of Devil's Promenade. By Darren Campion. 2013
Oxford American. Eyes On The South feature on Devil's Promenade. By Jeff Rich. 2013
Photo District News. Online Interview w/ Antone Dolezal. By David Carol. 2013
Light Leaked. Ghost Town. Interview w. Antone Dolezal. By Ashley Kauschinger. 2013
Underexposed. Ghost Town. Interview w/ Antone Dolezal. By Susan Burnstine. 2011
Fraction Magazine. Ghost Town. Issue. 24. 2011

Ahorn Magazine
Album, Magazin für Fotografie
Feature Shoot
Finite Foto

Fraction Magazine
Paper Journal
photo-eye Magazine


2018 Master of Fine Arts - Transmedia (anticipated)
Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York

2006 Bachelor of Fine Arts - Photography
College of Santa Fe, Santa Fe, New Mexico